E-Mail :
Phone : +821082580185
instagram : @seongminfootwear
This is Seongmin Park from Seoul, Korea.
I'm majoring Sculpture and Industrial Design at Hongik University.
When I design Sneakers, I usually get inspired by architecture, nature, Music, and objects.
I think majoring in sculpture has many advantages in borrowing form from these shapes.
Sneakers are combination of industry, medicine, science, and art.
It is a product that helps the body with foot movements, and sometimes it is a beauty of art that makes you feel good just by looking for it.
I am interested in these complex and restricted products, and I look forward to my career in the future.

I'm Skilled at 
- Photoshop
- Illustrator
- Gravity Sketch
- Procreate
- Fusion 360
- KeyShot

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